Startup Green Caravan from Limburg expands with David Bridgfoot as COO

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In October, Australian David Bridgfoot started as Chief Operations Officer (COO) at Green Caravan, the innovative Limburg startup with the mission to make all electric vehicles CO2 neutral and make fossil-free charging the norm. With fifteen years of experience in the energy industry in Australia, David has a broad view on projects within this rapidly evolving market with a focus on the energy transition. David moved to the Netherlands earlier this year and is determined to ensure the successful realization of the first Green Caravan charging plazas.

David started his career in IT after his business degree at Melbourne's La Trobe University, but changed career paths in 2007 as the impacts of climate change in Australia became increasingly apparent. Since then he has focused on initiatives related to renewable energy, carbon audit, water management and emission reduction. In those fifteen years, David has gained a lot of experience that he likes to apply to international markets. He has been successful in executing programs and strategic ventures for energy retailers and energy service startups. After moving to the Netherlands, David now fulfills the role of COO at Green Caravan, where he will be responsible for the realization of the first fossil-free charging plazas.

Change for good

David is driven by a natural curiosity and desire for change for good. He challenges old paradigms and accelerates the adoption of new systems, processes and technologies. This enables a transition to a low-carbon future that supports natural biodiversity alongside healthier societies and more sustainable economies. Bridgfoot: “I look forward to creating a positive impact with Green Caravan by accelerating the reduction of emissions from electric vehicles across Europe. The Netherlands is proactive in the transition to zero-emission mobility and that strengthens me even more to take the lead in the realization of fossil-free electric charging plazas.”

First fossil-free charging hub in The Netherlands

Founded in 2021, Green Caravan's mission is to make all electric vehicles CO2 neutral and to enable truly fossil-free charging. They do this by offering smart charging services and fossil-free charging solutions. After the launch of their charge card in 2021, the first charge card that tracks the CO2 emissions of charging sessions and gives advice when you can charge most fossil-free, they will launch their first fossil-free fast charging point in 2023. This charging plaza, which is completely separate from the electricity grid, works entirely on solar energy. When the sun isn't shining, the hub switches to biogas from the sewer, which would otherwise be flared. Ferry Tap, founder of Green Caravan: "Meeting David took place at a conference. We got to talking and I quickly noticed a click and a shared vision on the energy transition. I was struck by how serious and passionate he is about climate change and accelerating the energy transition. It's great how an informal meeting can lead to a big step for Green Caravan."

About Green Caravan

Green Caravan is an innovative startup from Limburg with the mission to make all electric vehicles CO2 neutral and to make fossil-free charging the norm. Green Caravan's products are the charge card with accompanying app, which ensures that you can easily save CO2 emissions by smartly charging your electric car, and the fossil-free charging hub for electric cars and trucks. Green Caravan is located in Maastricht.

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