About Green Caravan

We're Green Caravan, a driven group of entrepeneurs from Maastricht. We're seriously worried about climate change and the devastating effects it has on our living world. That's why we're using our skills, network and knowledge to develop solutions and accelerate the transition. Away from fossil fuels. Are you joining us? Together we're smarter!

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Driving using electric vehicles (e.g. cars, trucks) is a part of the solution. We think this transition can and should go faster. Now it's actually quite hard to charge your clean EV without burning fossil fuels. Today, about 65% of the electricity in the net is still generated with natural gas and coal. A major opportunity to make a difference, as more than 1 in 3 new cars is electric.

Our mission is to make all electric cars drive 100% fossil-free. We do this by providing CO2-Smart charging services and developing smart fossil-free solutions for charging better.

Are you joining us? Together we're smarter!

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