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Your journey to fossil-free charging starts today

100% Fossil-free EV Charging

Our mission is to make all electric cars drive CO2-neutral and make fossil-free charging the norm. We do this by providing CO2-Smart Charging services and fossil-free charging solutions.

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Download CO2-Smart Charging

Congrats on your new electric vehicle! Now it's time to charge when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing. Make every charge as fossil-free as possible and compensate the remaining CO2-emissions with certified tree planting projects. Download the app and order your charge card to charge at over 275.000 chargepoints all over Europe. We've got you covered.

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CO2-Smart Charging
How green can you charge your car?

  • Measure your CO2-emissions automatically for each charging session with our charge card

  • Charge as green as you can with the CO2-Smart Charging app

  • Compensate your CO2 charging emissions automatically.

CO2-Smart Charging for all companies with ambition!

Green Caravan's mission is to make 100% fossil-free EV charging the norm. Is your business ready to take leadership?

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  • Clear insight into the CO2-emissions of all charging sessions

  • Compensate for the remaining CO2-emissions automatically

  • Reduce the CO2-footprint of your fleet

  • Report how much CO2 you are actively saving

If we want to effectively tackle the climate crisis, we also need to be honest and transparent about the CO2-emissions of EV charging sessions.

Ferry Tap, CEO & Founder.

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