Fourth location for 100% fossil-free charging hub in the Netherlands

Fourth location for 100% fossil-free charging hub in the Netherlands

Green Caravan has received another letter of intent for the realisation of a fourth 100% fossil-free charging hub in The Netherlands. This is a fourth charging hub project, in addition to the three projects to be realised in provinces of Limburg, Noord-Brabant and Drenthe, a collaboration with the Province of Groningen has been initiated. Another important step towards 100% fossil-free mobility.

Green Caravan pitch

With Green Caravan's 100% fossil-free charging hubs, the company is responding to the increasing demand for fast charging for electric trucks and passenger cars. Four Green Caravan charging hubs are now planned in the provinces of Limburg, Noord-Brabant, Drenthe and Groningen. And even though the Dutch electricity grid is overloaded, Green Caravan's charging stations are grid-independent; that means they provide the greenest power at a competitive price without being dependent on the congested electricity grid.

Charge card and App for the conscious EV driver

Green Caravan's mission is to make all electric vehicles charge carbon neutral and to make fossil-free charging the norm. In addition to developing 100% fossil-free charging hubs, Green Caravan also offers smart-charging services in the form of its own charging card and companion app. Through the app, the rapidly growing number of users get easy insight into the best time to charge with as much as possible wind and solar energy. Together with its thousands of users, Green Caravan has already saved an average of 25% CO2 per charging session in this way.

Sharefunding round closes

Green Caravan is realising a grid-independent and fossil-free EV charging network. Will you help build a fossil-free future?

Our public sharefunding closes soon. We have already raised almost € 100,000. Note: the market for charging infrastructure is growing rapidly. Become a co-owner and join the green caravan.

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