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100% fossil-free EV charging. Now.

Isn't it frustrating, that when on the road it’s just impossible to charge your clean EV without burning fossil fuels? Today, about 65% of the electricity in the net is still generated with natural gas and coal. A major opportunity to make a difference, as more than 1 in 3 new cars is electric.


Green Caravan finally lets you take full advantage of your EV. Enabling you to make a real difference, and charge 100% fossil-free. Powered by sun and sewage. It doesn't get any more sustainable.


We build fast-charging hubs for cars and trucks. On sunny days the solar roof provides all the power for charging at the highest speeds. If no one charges for a while, we store that electricity in a large battery. Nothing new here yet.


But this is where it gets interesting: when there’s not enough sun, as happens during night- or wintertime. Then we use the greenest gas in the world. Locally extracted from the sewer. In other words, our own human waste product. Normally this is flared, wasted. But we let you drive clean kilometers with it.


This way we don't need the grid at all. And we clear the way for even more electric driving. Truly fossil-free charging is here at last. At the same price as fast-charging from the grid.

Wanted: location partners

Do you have a great charging site for cars and trucks, with lots of roof space available for solar panels?

Or are your fleet electrification plans stopped by grid congestion?

We've got the solution. 100% fossil-free and not hindered by grid congestion issues.

Contact us via the link below and we'll get back to you shortly.

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Also wanted: early investors

We have big plans which need big funding.

Are you looking to make measurable impact?

Contact us via the link below and we will come back to you shortly.

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